Below are some materials that I have compiled over my four semesters as a TA for Research Methods. Please feel free to use any materials that you find useful! 
APA Citation Overview & Citation Exercise

Overview of APA Style.pptx Overview of APA Style.pptx
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Type : pptx


APA Format.pptx APA Format.pptx
Size : 69.384 Kb
Type : pptx


Citations.pptx Citations.pptx
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Type : pptx

  Overview of APA Citations Handout

Citing Work in APA Style Overview.doc Citing Work in APA Style Overview.doc
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Type : doc

APA Title and Introduction Section

APA Title and Introduction.ppt APA Title and Introduction.ppt
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Type : ppt

 APA Method Section

APA Method.pptx APA Method.pptx
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Type : pptx

 APA Results Section 

APA Results.pptx APA Results.pptx
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Type : pptx

  Instructions and Link to Stroop Experiment

Stroop Lab.docx Stroop Lab.docx
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Type : docx

  SPSS Basics Handout (Descriptives)

SPSS Basics [Descriptives].doc SPSS Basics [Descriptives].doc
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  How to Access SPSS from Home

How to Use SPSS at Home.docx How to Use SPSS at Home.docx
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Ethics (1).pptx Ethics (1).pptx
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Type : pptx

 Avoiding Biased Language in Writing

Avoiding Biased Language.pptx Avoiding Biased Language.pptx
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Type : pptx

  Identifying Variables Lab Activity

Identifying Variables Lab Activity.docx Identifying Variables Lab Activity.docx
Size : 26.396 Kb
Type : docx

  Talkaholism Scale

talkaholism.pdf talkaholism.pdf
Size : 71.145 Kb
Type : pdf

  Time Orientation Scale

time orientation.pdf time orientation.pdf
Size : 56.851 Kb
Type : pdf